I create images that contain secrets, insecurities, and absurdities. The content of my work is driven by my individual life experiences, struggles with my body image, and PTSD. I draw from these experiences, secrets, issues, and struggles to create work that have a personal and meaningful connection to my life. I make drawings and manipulate photos for use in screen printing, lithographic, and intaglio processes.

The work I create captures my need to cope with dysfunction, and the illusion of normalcy. These odd things, secrets, and their implied dysfunctions are what I hide; my most secret self. By exposing my own secrets, I invite others to confront their own.

The goal of my body of work has been introspective, to gain a better understanding of my secrets and to arrive at a sense of consciousness.  As my work continues to evolve I find myself looking at and considering the similar situations of others, survivors of abuse, always cognizant of their secrets.